Over 29 years of experience with local industry and public safety personnel

Mission Statement

Provide wellness services and preventative strategies to limit the effects of acute and chronic stress accumulated throughout the career.

Vision Statement

Improve quantity and quality of life by optimizing movement on the job and into retirement.

Core values


We believe collaboration is imperative in providing valuable unique services to our clients and consumers.


We strive to always do the right thing for our clients, customers, teammates, and company.


We challenge our company to provide optimal services, and move forward with improving quality and care.


Our company understands the unique schedules and changing scenarios related to Fire services and law enforcement. We pride ourselves in remaining flexible to provide quality services to our clients.

Quality of Service

Our quality of service is what allows our company to go above and beyond normal expectations to assist in achieving goals and living a healthier life.

Testimonials Highlights

Dior Blaisdell Firefighter CA

Training with Justin significantly helped prepared me for my Fire Academy. I was concerned about my upper body strength prior to starting my academy and was able to work with Justin to build up my strength in this area of weakness. I noticed a great improvement in my strength and overall endurance which helped me get through the academy!

John Yessner Fire Captain

Can't thank Justin (PWIP) enough! I struggled with imbalances for years and after working with Justin (PWIP), He was able to identify where I wasn't moving optimally and develop a program to correct those imbalances. His workouts are designed in a way to move my best to prevent injuries, as well as having the strength and endurance to succeed in this job. Thanks Justin(PWIP)!

Marcelo Fantozzi VCFD Firefighter

“Having the opportunity to work and learn from Justin was very beneficial to me. The combination of flexibility, strength and conditioning exercises allowed me to succeed and avoid injuries during fire academy. Thank you Justin!"

Tim CA Firefighter

Justin takes the time to identify your body’s needs and apply them to a program that makes sense for you. Training under Justin is the smartest thing you can do for career longevity.

Tim Wender Firefighter Ventura County Fire Department

Working with Justin helped me develop my strength and conditioning that is needed to be a firefighter.